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Snow problem – for SNCF, apparently…

Back from the French Alps [continued]

If many of the rail schedules were in shreds after speed restrictions were imposed to assure the security of travellers, SNCF’s staff were ready and waiting to help those stranded after missing onward services. As we rolled into the Gare de Lyon in Paris over 2hrs later than planned the train announcer informed us that anyone experiencing a ‘rupture de correspondence’ should present themselves to their welcome desk.

Doing so involved joining a queue, of course, but after checking our tickets we were given a new reservation for the following day, and an overnight reservation in a nearby hotel. Thank-you, SNCF – we really couldn’t have asked for more.

And now we’re back to planning our next visits, which will take us first to the Hautes-Pyrénées and then back to the French Alps.

First, though, there’s the little matter of Christmas and New Year to get out of the way, so I’ll take the opportunity of wishing you all a great time over the holiday break, wherever you are. And if you’re skiing, lay a powder track or two for me…

Roger Moss, Editor, MountainPassions.com