Skiing in Chamrousse

For the past two days we’ve been skiing around the terrain of Chamrousse, something we really should have done long before now. We’d been uncertain about the timing of our visit, but any fears we might have had about snow conditions proved largely unfounded – all but the lowest sector of the terrain remains open and is perfectly skiable.

Day One found us getting our bearings with an ESF ski moniteur (always a good plan in a new area) and noting those runs we were determined to ski again. Why? Well, yesterday was memorable for the mists – low coud, really – which hung around the valleys, creating a magical above-it-all sensation.

The downside, though, was dropping into less good visibility lower down, where those undecided about whether to take the gondola ride were clearly unaware that there was brilliant sunshine up there.

So, today we did it all (or some of it) again, this time substituting the Women’s Olympic run for yesterdays Men’s version, along with exploring the wealth of entertaining link runs on offer.

Highlights? Definitely the beautiful, wooded sections, which gave us a real sense of being very much in The South…

Next stop: Montgenèvre.


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